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Integrity, Intel

Secured with INTEGRITY Client


Trusted from untrusted environments


Process and distributed control systems and access control of critical infrastructure systems


Valuable IP like R & D environments, healthcare records, formulas, military and government secrets


INTEGRITY has been successfully deployed for over 18 years in systems that require absolute separation and total reliability

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Our application operates on your desktop to safely separate, isolate and protect your important information!

  • TSABI Protection Level 4 (PL-4) Accredited
  • Supports 64-bit and multicore
  • Government users can separate classified networks simply and securely
  • Financial enterprises can isolate data and information on client workstations
  • Medical organizations can protect critical healthcare information from disclosure and theft
  • Companies can allow internet access to employees while securely isolating and protecting intellectual property
  • The INTEGRITY Separation Kernel is the worlds only software to ever achieve a security certification of EAL6+ High Robustness

If it's not Secured with INTEGRITY®, it's not secure.

What the Experts Say
intel video

Intel Corporation —
The only Secure
Type 1 Hypervisor

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dell video

Secure Consolidated
Client Solution for
Department of Defense
and Intelligence Community Applications

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integrity video

A history of how INTEGRITY has separated, isolated
and protected important

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