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The following white paper is available from INTEGRITY Global Security.

Secure Separation Architecture
The world has become accustomed to the fail-first, patch-later mentality of insecure software and computing infrastructure. As Michael Vatis, a former director of the FBI's National Infrastructure Protection Center, has said: "The vulnerabilities are endemic because we have whole networks and infrastructures built on software that's insecure. Any given day, some new vulnerability pops up." Thus, much of the world's critical infrastructure, financial networks, medical information systems, telecommunications gear, and portable mobile devices are open to compromise by determined individuals, corporations, organized crime, and nation states.

While the world spends untold billions on snake-oil solutions - firewalls, filters, and Patch Tuesdays — security experts know full well that the only true path to security is through high assurance. Users of high assurance software can have high confidence in the ability of that software to securely perform its intended function. Almost all of the world's commercial software is low assurance, and our confidence level in its security matches. Yet recent developments have proven that high assurance software can be practical, even for complex applications such as operating systems. INTEGRITY Global Security has developed and applied an architecture — the Secure Separation Architecture — to create a wide variety of highly secure components, applications, and complete systems. This architecture should help computer and security professionals as well as the average consumer understand what is meant by high assurance. The architecture prescribes a set of five principles to be used in the creation of secure software and systems.

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