Secure Solutions Include:

INTEGRITY Global Security's experts identify critical security vulnerabilities in computing infrastructures and then use certified secure solutions and services to close the gaps and make computing environments secure. INTEGRITY Global Security is the only source for certified EAL6+ high robustness IT security solutions built upon the INTEGRITY operating system for commercial and government enterprises.

The foundation of INTEGRITY Global Security is the INTEGRITY operating system which in September 2008 became the first and only operating system to be evaluated by the NSA and certified by NIAP to EAL6+ High Robustness. This historic achievement has lead to the formation of INTEGRITY Global Security, whose charter is to use INTEGRITY as the foundation to protect the cyber assets of the United States of America, her friends and allies, in both commercial and government sectors around the world.

How INTEGRITY can solve your security challenges

For more than a decade, INTEGRITY Global Security's experts have applied a proven methodology, called the Secure Separation Architecture, to create absolutely secure and totally reliable software, including the INTEGRITY operating system itself. Key principles of the architecture include:

  • Minimization of complexity
  • Principle of least authority
  • Componentization and isolation
  • Secure development process
  • Independent external validation

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