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INTEGRITY — When Your Mission and Your Reputation Depend On It
Securing Your Company from Cyber Attack

Corporate leaders have been put on notice...

"There can be no doubt that America's critical infrastructure networks are under constant threat. Pervasive vulnerabilities in hardware and software, and the connectivity of these machines to the Internet make our multilayered lines of defense — anti-virus, firewall, and intrusion detection — relatively ineffective in addressing the problem." — Congressman James Langevin, Chairman of the Subcommittee on Emerging Threats, Cybersecurity and Science and Technology

The information infrastructure — including telecommunications and computer networks and the data that reside on them — is critical to virtually every aspect of modern corporate life. This information infrastructure is increasingly vulnerable to exploitation, disruption and destruction by a growing array of adversaries.

The rapid increase in computer connectivity has revolutionized the way that commercial enterprises, governments, and much of the world communicates and does business. While the benefits have been enormous, widespread interconnectivity also poses significant risks.

The cold, hard fact that every C-level executive must acknowledge is that the risks associated with, and the resulting costs of, cyber security "events" are substantial. According to the 2008 report entitled The Financial Impact of Cyber Risk, coauthored by the American National Standards Institute and the Internet Security Alliance, the total average costs of a data breach grew to $197 per record compromised and since January 2005, more than 230 million records of U.S. residents that have been exposed due to security breaches.

The impact of data loss through network penetrations, stolen computers, and other media thefts cost billions of dollars in lost production and repairing systems:

  • Computer Economics estimates that the cost was $14.2 billion in 2005
  • The FBI estimated the cost of cyber crime at $400 billion in 2004
  • The TJ Maxx penetration is estimated to have cost the company at least $17 million to date

Cyber security is not compartmentalized within your company — the risks and aftermath of an event are not solely:

  • a "technical problem" to be dealt with by the CIO or CSO;
  • a "compliance issue" for the regulatory and SOX team;
  • a "legal problem" to be handed over to the General Counsel;
  • a "customer relationship problem" to be dealt with by the CMO or Communications Director; or
  • a "crisis management" problem for your public relations firm.

Instead, it is all of these and more.

If a commercial enterprise is unprepared to avert or manage a cyber attack, it will likely suffer:

  • Severe financial losses
  • Irreparable damage to its brand reputation
  • Decrease in customer base
  • Diminished financial performance
  • Damage to executives' personal reputations

Conversely, if a commercial enterprise prepares itself and avoids or minimizes such cyber threats, then its management team can ensure customer loyalty, maintain a positive brand image, and avoid unnecessary expenditures that will likely be in the millions of dollars.

Sooner or later, cyber security strategies based on the current model of "pierce and patch" will result in:

  • Executives not in compliance with Federal laws (such as SOX, HIPPA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley) and facing fines and/or prison sentences
  • Loss of value — market capitalization, revenue, earnings, and reputation
  • Loss of customers
  • Millions lost defending or settling class action lawsuits
  • Millions of dollars spent on restoring service or refunding money to customers
  • Bankruptcy

A cyber security strategy based on "pierce and patch" is--

Unfathomable. Unacceptable. Untenable. Uneconomic.
And has largely been unfixable — until now.

INTEGRITY is the first and only software system certified to EAL6+ High Robustness, the only software product ever to achieve this level. Only INTEGRITY can provide commercial enterprises with certified unbeatable cyber asset security.

To date, the commonly used solutions in the marketplace have achieved an EAL4+ certification, which protect your infrastructure against "inadvertent and non-hostile attacks". These solutions are not viable for protecting high value data, never mind high value data that is connected to the Internet.

With INTEGRITY, mission-critical applications stay secure and customer data remains private, free from the possibility of intentional, hostile, well-funded, internal or external attack. And it's been certified — not once, but multiple times.

Certified as secure and reliable for both military and non-military use as a result of the most rigorous testing and evaluation possible, INTEGRITY offers:

  • True security
    • Open communication is possible without risk to critical assets
    • Mission critical assets and applications remain completely safe and secure
  • Cost savings
    • One computer, one network
    • Simultaneous support of legacy and mission critical applications
  • Form flexibility for the entire enterprise
    • Protect your entire computing architecture, from servers to desktop PCs to Thin-Client Workstations and even mobile Internet devices
  • Open Standards
    • Supports Windows and Linux
    • Ability to create native POSIX applications
  • Certified security and reliability — no other operating system can offer this level of security and reliability and no other operating system has ever been certified to the levels of INTEGRITY

To learn more about how INTEGRITY Global Security can secure your company's networks and computers, please call 805.882.2500 or send email.

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