Commercial Enterprises:

Secure Network Consolidation for Commercial Enterprises
Reducing Infrastructure While Increasing Security

Businesses today need to get information to those who need it when and where they need it. Intellectual property in the form of digital assets needs to be protected while being accessible to those who need access to perform their jobs. Multiple servers, networks, and access devices can create a complicated information management infrastructure that is expensive to build, maintain, and manage.

Today's information technology infrastructures can result in excessive:

  • Power consumption
  • Weight
  • Wiring
  • Cooling
  • Floor space
  • Computer equipment
  • Network equipment
  • Administration
  • Cost

Much of this excessive infrastructure could be eliminated if networks, servers, and access devices could be consolidated such that all data could be accessed from one machine on one network and done so with absolute certainty of cyber security.

This has been all but impossible, until now.

INTEGRITY — the most secure and reliable software ever developed — can provide enterprises with certified unbeatable cyber asset security. The National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) has awarded INTEGRITY a rating of EAL6+ High Robustness.

With INTEGRITY, mission critical applications stay secure, customer data remains private, and control and command applications work without the possibility of intentional, hostile, well-funded, internal or external attack. And it's been certified — not once, but multiple times.

As a result, knowledge workers and others can move from application to application on a single desktop system that meets all security requirements.

Secure Network Consolidation INTEGRITY offers enterprises:

  • A High Robustness Certified Foundation
  • Secure separation of data
  • Secure management of all levels of data on one computer over one network
  • Reduced hardware expenditures
  • Reduced networking equipment expenditures
  • Reduced technical support expenditures
  • Reduced power and cooling requirements
  • Mathematically proven security
  • Support for legacy operating systems and applications
  • Reduced risk of data spills
  • Ability to deploy on desktop PCs, servers, Thin-Client Workstations and even PDAs
  • Windows and Linux support

To learn more about how INTEGRITY Global Security and Secure Network Consolidation, please call 805.882.2500 or send email.

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