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INTEGRITY—When Your Mission and Your Reputation Depend On It

"The vulnerabilities are endemic because we have whole networks and infrastructures built on software that's insecure. Any given day, some new vulnerability pops up. Thus, much of the world's critical infrastructure, financial networks, medical information systems, telecommunications gear, and portable mobile devices are open to compromise by determined individuals, corporations, organized crime, and nation states." —Michael Vatis, Former Director, FBI National Infrastructure Protection Center

"The amount of information that has been stolen is significant. There are no shortage of actors that are interested in stealing the data from a criminal perspective and from a national security perspective. Over the past year the malicious activity has become much more sophisticated, much more prevalent." —Shawn Henry, Assistant Director, Cyber Division, FBI

The dirty little secret about cyber security is that for $25,000 an enterprise can be penetrated. Obviously, this is not good for the career longevity of CIOs and CTOs — nor anyone else in the C-suite for that matter.

Until now, enterprise cyber security has been about juggling budget, technical solution availability, and corporate culture considerations to get to a status of "secure enough". But if an enterprise has high value data and a high level of threat against that data, "secure enough" just doesn't cut it.

"The only path towards software security is through high assurance. In other words, critical software must be designed for security in the beginning, that security claim must be certified by independent experts, and security must be field proven." —Bruce Schneier, Chief Security Technology Officer, British Telecom

"Security experts have been saying the security of the Windows family of products is hopelessly inadequate. Now there is a rigorous government certification confirming this." —Jonathan Shapiro, Johns Hopkins computer security expert

With cyber terrorism and crime are on the rise, today's CIO and CTO must ensure that customer data, proprietary intellectual property, financial information, money, communications and data networks, systems, and applications are all 100% secure and reliable.

INTEGRITY makes that all possible as it has achieved EAL6+ with High Robustness status. It is certified secure and reliable.

If you are concerned about Sarbanes-Oxley, FISMA, CIP, PCI DSS, HIPAA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, NERC, FERC, DHS, FTC, TSA, or other regulations and organizations that set policy and guidelines on data security, INTEGRITY has a solution for you.


  • True security
    • Open communication is possible without risk to critical assets
    • Mission critical assets and applications remain completely safe and secure
  • Cost savings
    • INTEGRITY Secure Consolidated Client
    • Simultaneous support of legacy and mission critical applications
  • Form flexibility
    • Protect desktop PCs, servers, Thin-Client Workstations and even PDAs
  • Open Standards
    • Supports Windows and Linux
    • Supports native POSIX-compliant applications
  • Certified security and reliability—no other operating system can offer this level of security and reliability and no other operating system has ever been certified to the levels of INTEGRITY


How INTEGRITY works:

The INTEGRITY Operating System is designed to be used with multiple operating environments, legacy systems, and peripheral devices. INTEGRITY has been mathematically proven to keep information domains separate. The INTEGRITY Separation Kernel

typical hypervisor implementation

A typical Hypervisor implementation provides some security through virtualization. The "attack surface" that connects the hypervisor to the virtual machine is large and complex. Continuous changes in device drivers make securing this type of architecture a moving target, resulting in an ongoing pierce and patch scenario.

The INTEGRITY Global Security approach avoids all of these problems by using proven separation between virtual machines and by ensuring that the virtualization software itself runs as an application, unable to circumvent the security policies of the operating system. By taking advantage of the latest hardware features, INTEGRITY improves overall system security. For example, INTEGRITY uses Intel® vPro™ technology to provide hardware-based assurance that the platform is running the known, trusted versions of system software, including the INTEGRITY certified kernel. This prevents attacks like Blue Pill.

Integrity Server Separation Architecture

In addition to the compartmentalization of guest operating systems, INTEGRITY security policies enable breakthroughs for many of the world's long unresolved security problems, including the ability to safely browse the Internet and use email, trust the launch and execution of antivirus software, protect sensitive personal and medical records from compromise, and guarantee the authenticity and integrity of cash withdrawals, wire transfers, point of sale transactions, and other high value financial enterprises.

To learn more about how INTEGRITY Global Security can secure your enterprise, please call 805.882.2500 or send email.

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