Security Challenge

So you think you are secure?

The fact is ANY enterprise can be penetrated for as little as $25,000. Don't believe it?

INTEGRITY Global Security will prove it to you. Our team of bonded, white hat, security testing professionals will perform penetration tests designed to prove just how vulnerable your high value data really is.

At the end of the test you'll receive a report of what was learned. If the tests fail to penetrate your network, there's no cost.

The tests will be designed to penetrate into your IT Infrastructure by using leading edge — but proven — "hacker" techniques, methodologies and tools for the purposes of demonstrating insecurities in your infrastructure.

The goal of the test will be to deposit or capture a "Flag" on the computer of a senior — preferably a C-level executive — as proof of penetration.

Upon successful deposit or capture of the "Flag", testing will conclude and the location of the Flag will be disclosed to the client. If a Flag is deposited then the Flag will contain a unique identifier such as "INTEGRITY-11.20.2008". If not, then an arbitrary flag will be captured to demonstrate system access.

INTEGRITY Global Security will provide a written overview of how the attack was successfully conducted. The report will list the methodologies used to successfully penetrate the Target. The report, which will be no more than two (2) pages in length, will provide the Target with a description of the vulnerability identified.

Prior to penetration testing, INTEGRITY Global Security requires written authorization for Service delivery directly from the Target. Upon receipt and verification of authorization testing will begin delivery with reconnaissance being performed against the Target and the development of an Attack Matrix. INTEGRITY Global Security will use any viable method of attack during Service delivery; this includes Social Engineering, System Exploitation, and other proprietary attack vectors that have been developed by INTEGRITY Global Security.

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