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INTEGRITY Global Security is the leading expert in providing certified high robustness IT security solutions for government, military, and commercial enterprises. INTEGRITY is the first and only operating system to be certified by the NSA to EAL 6+ High Robustness, the highest level of security ever achieved. Our security experts find critical vulnerabilities in our clients' computing environments and then use our certified secure products to close the gaps to make their computing environments secure.

Over the past 35 years the company has grown to be the world's leader in software separation technology. The company's products ensure reliability, safety and security in cars, airplanes, military communications systems, and many critical enterprise applications that require total reliability and security through software separation. Through a global alliance with Dell the company co-developed an offering called the INTEGRITY Secure Consolidated Client Solution (ISCC). An integrated multilevel security solution designed to address inefficiencies of multiple, disparate networks and computers in military and intelligence use cases. The company's unique high assurance solutions are specially designed to separate, isolate and protect the most valuable information assets against assaults from well-funded sophisticated attackers, including nation states.

And Now

Our newest application operates on your desktop to safely separate, isolate and protect your important information!

In the 1990s, INTEGRITY Global Security's experts created an operating system whose goal was to provide the highest levels of security and reliability. This goal was realized with INTEGRITY's first deployment: safety and mission-critical systems aboard the B1B bomber. INTEGRITY is now used in the world's most advanced aircraft, including the Lockheed Martin F16, F22, and F35 Joint Strike Fighter. Also, many commercial aircraft, such as the Airbus 380 and Boeing 787, depend on INTEGRITY for their safety-critical systems. One of many certifications that INTEGRITY has earned is DO 178B Level A, the highest level certification for reliability and safety in an aircraft.

In 2004 the United States Air Force had a requirement for the F35 Joint Strike Fighter to communicate over the Worldwide Information Grid. Communications over this network posed potential serious security concerns. This prompted a rigorous four year endeavor to prove that the INTEGRITY operating system was 100 percent secure. Over two years, the product, its design, and its development process - including formal methods - were evaluated against the Separation Kernel Protection Profile (SKPP), the Gold Standard for operating system security. The requirements of the SKPP are far more stringent than any other operating system security standard. The resulting assurance, or confidence, that developers, users, and other stakeholders are therefore able to derive from an SKPP evaluation are extremely high and unprecedented in the world of computer security. In September 2008, the INTEGRITY operating system became the first and only operating system to be certified by the NSA to EAL 6+ High Robustness, the highest level of security ever achieved.

The secure INTEGRITY operating system, originally deployed in critical embedded systems, was ported to desktop computers, servers, thin clients and laptops. The same Secure Separation Architecture technology that securely controls the avionics, communications and weapon systems on the most sophisticated aircraft in the world, is now available for the enterprise.

Electricity generation, oil and natural gas, water utilities, financial services, medical care providers are at risk to successful cyber attacks with technology built on traditional security principles. Now, government, enterprises, and critical infrastructure can be protected against even the most determined and sophisticated attackers if they are Secured with INTEGRITY®.

Don't believe it when someone tells you that your IT is secure unless your IT is Secured with INTEGRITY®.

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