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Senior Management Biographies

INTEGRITY Global Security's senior management team brings extensive software systems and corporate management experience to the company.

photo of David W. Chandler

David W. Chandler
Chief Executive Officer

David W. Chandler, Chief Executive Officer, joined Green Hills Software in 1993 and was instrumental in building Green Hills' revenues as Senior Vice President of Sales, to more than $100M annually. Mr. Chandler has over 23 years experience in direct sales, sales management, and management of technical software and hardware products. Under Mr. Chandler's leadership, Green Hills Software achieved the world's first and only highest-level certifications for both absolute security (EAL6+, High Robustness) and total reliability (FAA DO-178B level A) for an operating system. From 1987 to 1992, Mr. Chandler was a Regional Sales Manager at Avalon Computer Systems, a company that specialized in high-speed acceleration computing systems for Digital Equipment Corporation VAX systems.

photo of Jimmy Sorrells

Jimmy Sorrells
Senior Vice President

Jimmy Sorrells is currently Senior Vice President of Enterprise Products at INTEGRITY Global Security. In this position he is responsible for overall business unit management, which includes the INTEGRITY Enterprise product family of software solutions for Desktop, Server, Thin Client, and Mobile platforms. Prior to INTEGRITY Global Security, Mr. Sorrells was at Green Hills Software for the past 9 years, holding various positions in the Sales organization. Before Green Hills Software, Mr. Sorrells was President of Axiom Technology Inc, where he guided the development and deployment of multi-processor software products for parallel processing computer architectures. Previous to Axiom Mr. Sorrells was a software and hardware design engineer at Dynetics Inc and at IBM. He has a BS Electrical Engineering from University of North Carolina at Charlotte, MS Electrical Engineering from Purdue University, and has completed PhD coursework in Electrical Engineering at the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

photo of Tom Zavisca

Tom Zavisca
Chief Architect

Tom Zavisca is currently the Chief Architect and Director of Development for INTEGRITY Global Security. Mr. Zavisca joined Green Hills Software in 1995 and has extensive experience conceiving, architecting, implementing, supporting, and managing both embedded and enterprise security software projects. Mr. Zavisca is considered an expert in enterprise security solutions and provides computer security advice to companies like Intel and Dell. He graduated with honors from the California Institute of Technology where his studies focused on Computer Science and Mathematics.

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